5 Things I HATE about Solo Travel

As much as I rave about solo travel, the truth is there are some challenges that are inevitable. BUUUT of course the pros outweigh the cons and that is why I do it!



Lets be real: we all wanna get that one really cute instagram worthy, make your ex-boyfriend jealous picture. The reality is, gettting pictures like that when you are alone is very difficult. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable taking a tripod out and taking self portraits (although if you are definitely check out Sorelle Amore she is the queen of solo photography). And I find selfie sticks rather annoying. Taking pictures while traveling alone leaves you rather limited and strangers often just wanna snap a pic and move on with their life— they are not concerned with getting that right angle.

Yes. This was an actual picture taken by a stranger at a crepes class I took in Paris. I asked for a cute picture of me with the crepe I made. This was the outcome.


To be honest, I still have not mastered this one, which is a bummer for me. My hometown is near Galveston, Texas and the water is notoriously disgusting. So I jump on any opportunity to swim in water that is well clear. I bought a waterproof phone bag to go swimming with my phone, but kinda forgot about my daypack with the other things. I know some places offer lockers, but the beaches I went to did not. If you are in this situation you are pretty much SOL unless you get a stranger to watch over your stuff. And with my expensive camera, passport, and wallet I think I will pass on that one.


There are a feeeew ways you can overcome this challenge. However if you are trying to get white girl, 21st birthday wasted that is just not a very smart idea while you are alone. When you are alone at night, it is very important that you are extra aware of your surroundings and belongings. No one is going to take care of you, except for you. Fear is your pal. For more safety tips check out: 10 safety tips for female solo travelers.


Did you hear that? Oh yeah it’s your BLADDER CALLING. Now, when you are with people and gotta go it’s not a big deal. But imagine this: you are on a train on your way to France or Italy with your gigantic backpack and daypack. You are alone, surrounded by people you don’t know. What do you do? YOU TAKE THAT SUCKER INTO THE 4x4 RESTROOM! Needless to say, it’s not very comfortable to piss with your 40 liter backpack smack dab in front of you.



It is no secret that I absolutely love food. ESPECIALLY when I am traveling. I think food is such a beautiful universal thing that brings the world together. And for me, absolutely no food is off limits. I love being an adventurous foodie. Buuuuuuuut, trying a variety of food when you are alone is logistically difficult and expensive. Having a few pals to eat food with lightens the financial load so you can try out more food.

Here I am, eating sushi. And a lot of it. Because I really like sushi a lot.

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5 challenges of solo travel