The budget traveler’s guide to Gdańsk, Poland: where to eat, stay, and play

I spent a month in Gdańsk, Poland on my digital nomad adventure, and concluded that I LOVE this city. A lot of people raise their eyebrows when I say how much I love traveling to Poland. But it is on the top of my list for a budget traveler wanting comfortability, and especially digital nomads. Gdańsk is incredibly affordable, beautiful, and has reliable WIFI. During my one month stay, I found a lot of tips for places through research or by locals. I am making my dream guide I wish I would have had during my stay. I am including places I recommend to eat, stay, and play. Enjoy!

the broke traveler's guide to Gdansk

Poland is an underestimated travel location. Centrally located and with excellent public transportation, it is perfect for someone wanting to experience Europe without busting their wallet.

Where to eat:

For cheap, authentic Polish food:

Pyra Bar 

pyra's bar gdańsk

I cannot rave about this restaurant enough really. This restaurant was a recommendation by my AirBNB host. The food was delicious and authentically Polish. They serve a lot of traditionally polish cuisine like dumplings, potato casseroles, and fresh potato slices. A perfect place to treat yourself after a long day of exploring. They do get very full quite often, so be prepared to wait. I think you can make reservations if you are more than one person, but I am not entirely sure. For an appetizer, HUGE meal, and drinks it cost $14 USD for two people… I know, I was shook too.

For a cheap quick bite:

Neptune’s Milk Bar

This was my first time eating at a “milk bar”. Essentially, this joint felt like a cafeteria for workers. It is extremely cheap and quick too. It is definitely a local’s spot so be aware that the workers may not speak English. Hand language may be necessary. To be honest, it personally was not my favorite, but I loved the prices as a budget traveler. It also gives you a way to look at mundane and non-touristic life in Poland. And as a traveler, this is an important experience to have.

For a comfy-casual atmosphere:

Bread and wine

The famous sour soup

The famous sour soup

I essentially ate here almost every other day. The atmosphere is very suave, and the food is delicious as well as decently priced. They have good coffee for your productive days and yummy cocktails for your boozy nights. I was obsessed (ate it almost every time I came) with their sour soup. This savory soup has a mixture of sausage, poached egg, in a seasoned broth. This entire bread soup bowl dish cost about $5. What. a. deal.

For a nice outdoor spot:


The polish hot beer has an infusion of spices

The polish hot beer has an infusion of spices

If you come to Poland on a nice warm day, I recommend coming to this cafe for their aesthetically pleasing and divine culinary. I actually tried their Grzaniec, the Polish hot beer (check out my youtube video here). I know, hot beer sounds disgusting, but I was pleasantly surprised. You can sit on their front patio and enjoy people watching from the Old Town. They have upscale food, for a moderate price. The workers are extremely friendly here, too.

Where to stay:

The best option, in my opinion, is an AirBnb, especially for a digital nomad like myself that stayed here for a full month (AirBnb has insane monthly discounts. I actually did an entire Gdańsk apartment tour on my youtube channel that you can check out here. I absolutely adored my apartment, and I thought it was a great bargain it cost $580 for the entire month. Get $40 USD off of your AirBNB and $15 USD off your experience by using my link here.

The wifi was amazing and the hosts were extremely responsive, which are the most important factors for me.

Where to play:

Climb up and take pictures at St. Mary’s

You can truly get some amazing pictures at the top of this tower. WARNING: it is a climb. I do not recommend this experience for someone that is not able to walk up long flights of stairs. It was pretty exhausting IMHO. But definitely worth the view. It costs around $2 USD so this is definitely an extremely budget-friendly activity for entertainment.

The view from the top of the church

The view from the top of the church

Long Lane

I highly recommend, or deem it NECESSARY, for any traveler to walk down Long Lane for two reasons.

The view from long lane

The view from long lane

  1. It is free

  2. This walk gives you insight into the history of Poland, it’s devastating past, and bright future. The architecture down Long Lane is impressive and immaculate. I would argue that you really cannot fully understand Gdańsk without walking and observing Long Lane.

    So, just do it. That is all I have to say.

A picture from my photo walk

A picture from my photo walk

Try this AMAZING AirBNB experience

I talk about my AirBnB experience in Gdańsk like a mad woman. I took this incredible photo walk tour for $56 USD. It included a coffee, full photo shoot with edited pictures that I am still posting to this date, and a full-length history tour. Michel was incredibly patient and engaged, this was not an experience that you can easily get. Taking a group tour with a non-local could easily cost this much. I cannot recommend this enough. Get $40 USD off of your AirBnB and $15 USD off your experience by using my link here.

Cooltura Chmielna

This place was not the classiest of them all, but it was a very fun nightlife experience. A lot of locals come here, and this bar turns into a night club at night. I thought it was a fun way to experience Gdańsk at night. The drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is lively.

Bruderschaft | Pub Gdansk

This hole in the wall location is one of a kind. This small pub has an authentic jazz vibe and a homey feeling. Because of how small this pub is, it is easier to meet locals and other travelers.

I hope I convinced you that your next budget travel trip should be in Gdańsk, Poland. If you have any additional questions about recommendations feel free to post them below. Planning your next Euro-trip? Use my FREE itinerary here.

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