20 Creative Tips to Travel Cheap in your 20's

Your twenties are an exciting time of life. You have very little financial responsibilities and personal responsibilities. While many people say you should save travel for retirement, I think traveling in your twenties is the best decision you can make. You might as well do it while you are physically fit, single, and young. And traveling offers many cultural educational experiences that can help develop you as a person (making you a better leader and employee). But the biggest barrier I hear from my friends about traveling is MONEY. I have been traveling full time for a year now, and it has been affordable. I do not have big savings built, and I do not have a high paying job, so if I can do it you most definitely can. Here are 20 ways to travel cheap in your 20’s:

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What it is like traveling as a biracial American

I often get questions about my race and nationality from Americans as well as foreigners. Being a biracial American leaves a lot of people in a fumble. “You are Latina, but you don’t act like it. You are white, but you don’t really look like it.” Americans commonly tell me this- but from foreigners I receive a different response.— “you don’t look American”.

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My Experience: Backpacking Europe Alone for One Month

Hey y’all. I am so excited, but also really nervous to post this short video of me explaining my one month trip backpacking Europe! This is very much so out of my comfort zone. If you enjoyed it please share some love. Thanks for watching and keeping up with my journey! I am so grateful. :)

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