Loving and Letting Go

I don't plan on making posts this serious. But throughout my past few days of traveling, I felt compelled to make a blog post on it. I really love traveling, it has shaped me as a woman. I have grown, matured, and become more open minded because of it. But there is a part of traveling that has not become easier, and I really want to share it with you. 

Each time I travel, I meet new people that have given me so much joy or have severely challenged my deeply rooted beliefs. Either way, I get connected with them and form this inexplicable bond that traveling does. Sometimes it is with a local, another female solo traveler, or just a group of fun people from my hostel. We all come from different backgrounds with this inner hunger to discover more than what our culture taught us. This bond is something I cannot explain. 

A friend I made in Tuscany. Strangely, we were from the same city in Texas!

A friend I made in Tuscany. Strangely, we were from the same city in Texas!

And each time I meet someone, connect with them, share parts of my life with them; I have to let them go. They are on to their next adventure and I am on to my own. I must selflessly let them go and grow, although my selfishness tells me to cling on and hold tight. I have not yet figured out how to make this process easier or if it ever does.  

Maybe, just maybe, I will end up in the same city or country with one of the people I have met along the way. But it is not a guarantee. And I am learning to be content with being each others distant cheerleaders. 

And to all of the people I have met while traveling: words cannot express my gratitude for how you have sharpened me, given me undeservable grace in my ignorance, and made me feel at home whether I am in the hills of Tuscany or sitting at a bar in Barcelona. You have made this experience remarkable.