The budget traveler’s guide to Gdańsk, Poland: where to eat, stay, and play

I spent a month in Gdańsk, Poland on my digital nomad adventure, and concluded that I LOVE this city. A lot of people raise their eyebrows when I say how much I love traveling to Poland. But it is on the top of my list for a budget traveler wanting comfortability, and especially digital nomads. Gdańsk is incredibly affordable, beautiful, and has reliable WIFI. During my one month stay, I found a lot of tips for places through research or by locals. I am making my dream guide I wish I would have had during my stay. I am including places I recommend to eat, stay, and play. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate Tinder For Traveling Guide

I will be the first to admit: I was apart of the Tinder skeptics at first. I thought “I am a sociable and fun enough person, I don’t need Tinder”. And while that may be true, using Tinder during my travels have definitely enhanced my experience. I have some rules and boundaries that I definitely use. Here, I share my experience using Tinder and some rules I follow.

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My Experience: Backpacking Europe Alone for One Month

Hey y’all. I am so excited, but also really nervous to post this short video of me explaining my one month trip backpacking Europe! This is very much so out of my comfort zone. If you enjoyed it please share some love. Thanks for watching and keeping up with my journey! I am so grateful. :)

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