The Correct Way to Travel

Me walking around the Streets of Ireland

Me walking around the Streets of Ireland

I have been traveling for 17 days now. Throughout these 17 days I have been to 5 different countries: France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and currently Ireland. I have learned a lot about myself traveling alone, especially the correct way to travel. 

Throughout the first 17 days I had a blast exploring many different places very quickly. However, exhaustion was approaching from pulling all nighters every other day. I had a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Now, I am in Ireland spending the last of my two weeks here. My change of pace has dramatically decreased. I left my hostel today at 12 PM (way different compared to my 7 AM'rs). And I am sitting in a coffee shop eating porridge and drinking a cappuccino. But I feel like myself again. The truth is I do not like tourism traveling. I have the most fun sitting on my bum in a coffee shop and staring at people. But my FOMO convinced me that I had to keep running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

My first 17 days of traveling, I felt guilty about sitting around. I mean why should I sit and relax when the Mona Lisa is 2 miles away from me? So I continued to explore and hit 30,000 steps a day. But man, WAS I TIRED. Let me tell you, I went to Milan, the capital of fashion, and came back with some DESIGNER eye bags. 

So, the correct way to travel is any way that is right for you. Don't feel bad or guilty for not wanting to go to the classical art museum or the strenuous walking tour. Don't feel the wrath of the tourist traps. Or, if that is your thing; GO FOR IT. Personally, I like to talk to locals and drink the local liquor or coffee. I also loooove traveling slowly. I feel the most fulfilled this way. And upon reflection and meditation, I realized that missing out is a part of life. I will never be able to see the whole entire world in my lifetime. So for now, I will enjoy my porridge and cappuccino. And the attractive Irish waiter serving me. Hahaha, kidding. Only slightly.