The Ultimate Tinder For Traveling Guide

I will be the first to admit: I was apart of the Tinder skeptics at first. I thought “I am a sociable and fun enough person, I don’t need Tinder”. And while that may be true, using Tinder during my travels have definitely enhanced my experience. I have some rules and boundaries that I definitely use. Here, I share my experience using Tinder and some rules I follow.

Barcelona, spain

Barcelona, spain


As a solo traveler, using Tinder during my travels really gave me an enhanced local experience and here is why:

Thanks tinder date for this good angle

Thanks tinder date for this good angle

  1. I essentially got my own local tour guide.

    Some of my very best adventures during my travels were during Tinder dates. Like AirBnb, Tinder can you give you a local authentic experience. The best Guinness I had in Dublin was in the smallest Irish pub (literally). I never would have found or heard about this hole in the wall, had I not been on a Tinder date with a Dubliner.

  2. You have a photographer.

    One of the most annoying things about solo traveling is NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE THOSE PICTURES! (read about my other annoyances with solo travel). But when you have a Tinder date with you, it is a lot more easy to get those snaps.

  3. HELLLOOO, I mean lets be real, who doesn’t want a foreign romance fling?

    If you say “I don’t”, girrrrlllll or boyyyyyy you need to be real with yourself. Having a little foreign fling can be hellaaaa fun and cute.


Here are some personal boundaries and rules I have for myself. Make sure you know your own BEFORE you start going on Tinder dates so you will have a fun and non-regretful experience. :)

  1. I only meet in PUBLIC places.

    I follow this rule very carefully, and you should too. Meeting a stranger in public is just common sense. Do not place yourself in vulnerable situations.

  2. I do not get trashed drunk and always watch my drink.

    People putting drugs in your drink is real y’all. Don’t let yourself fall victim, carefully watch your drink. If you go to the restroom, do not drink it afterwards. And always know your limits, this is not the time to test them. Read some more safety tips here.

  3. I never get in an alone situation.

    Leaving yourself alone with a stranger is a big no-no when traveling solo.

  4. I go home at the end of the night.

    I do not go home with any strangers. This crosses my boundaries and I personally do not want to risk my safety. For more safety tips check out my article here.

Hope this helped you figure out how to swipe right the correct way. 😉

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