Why Every Female Should do Solo Travel

why every female should solo.png

After traveling alone for the past few months, I am convinced that every woman, especially in her 20's, should do a solo trip. Solo travel gave me the incredible opportunity to learn so much about myself, to gain cultural insight, and overall helped me to become an empowered woman.

My first day of traveling, I arrived to Barcelona. Alone. To be honest, it did not really hit me that I was about to embark on this solo journey until I arrived in the airport and realized I was lost. Which line do I stand in? What if immigration does not let me through for whatever reason? What happens if I lose my luggage? Hundreds of questions chasing one another like Coyote and the Road Runner went through my mind. I went through customs holding my breath and my backpack was smiling at me on luggage display. I made it.

When I got on the right bus to make it to my hostel, my heart thumped. I was so focused on my phone and directions, that when I finally looked up from my phone I was in awe of the mountains smacked in front of my face. I arrived to my hostel safely.

When I arrived to my hostel in my sweaty Levi’s shirt and leggings, I sat alone waiting for check in to happen. I though to myself: this will be okay if I don’t make any friends. I wanted time to reflect and relax alone, after all. Although deep down in my extroverted self, I knew I wanted to make amazing international friendships. I spent five minutes alone before someone asked me where I am coming from. I made friends.

Traveling alone helped me to see that my biggest fears are only that: fears. I learned that I put self limitations on my aspirations and goals. Traveling alone gave me a revelation that things work out at the end of the day. And even if they don’t go perfectly, there is always another route. It took me to get on a plane alone to Barcelona to realize that fears are not something to be frightened by. Rather, it is merely an observation of limitations our inner thoughts posses. So, to the women out there terrified of traveling alone. I understand. But somewhere along the line you were fed the lie that as a woman you should be scared to venture the world alone or that it is just weird. If you have the inner hunger to explore the world and see beyond the bubble you’ve grown up in, you owe it to yourself to feed that hunger. Buy that ticket and figure things out from there. The worst thing that could happen is you become a changed woman.

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