Shampoo/Conditioner Bars

Alright, Alright. So if you are anything like me and you hate going through baggage, bringing only a carry-on is something I highly recommend. The tricky thing is keeping your liquids under the TSA requirements. I decided to give shampoo/conditioner bars a chance, and I am still using them after my travels. I naturally have very curly, fragile hair so my hair is very sensitive, but I was pleasantly surprised by how moisturizing this shampoo bar is.

Osprey Fairview Backpack

IMMABOUTTOBEREALLYHYPOCRITICAL. I would not recommend getting THIS exact backpack, even though I absolutely love and adore it. Rather, I would suggest getting the 40 liter instead of the 55. 4o liter is perfect for carry on, 55 is not. I managed to get away with this (even on budget airlines such as RyanAir) using this by detaching my daypack and putting it on my front. HOWEVER and a big HOWEVER it is not a guarantee it will work. Do as I say and not as I do. Either way, I would recommend Osprey’s Fairview for simple traveling in Hostels and AirBnBs. It is easy to put on your back and, in my opinion, pretty stylish. The daypack has a nice slot for your laptop as well. And it has a lifetime warranty. Well worth the money.


Not gonna lie, this was a hella big splurge, but it was most definitely worth it. Before I got my G7X camera, I had a Cannon Rebel t3i and it was a hassle to take it along with me. This camera is perfect for taking front pictures (an essential when you are traveling alone). It also produces high quality videos (I produced this video with this camera). By far the best part is the lightness, when you are traveling around with a backpack you will most definitely not want to have a lot of weight on your back.

A Rain Jacket

Thank goodness I brought mine along with me. Before I started my Euro-trip, I thought I was not really gonna need it, but brought it along anyways. I ended up not really using it in Central Europe, but when I got to Ireland I was so glad I brought that sucker. My recommendation: get one that is compact so you can roll it up easily into your backpack.